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"Bought your software and must say that you have done the Roman Coin collecting world a superb service. The interface is excellent and intuitive. The manual is well written and easily understood."

- Duane T. (Tucson AZ, USA)

"Very helpful program, highly recommended !"

- Martin W. (Shefford, U.K.)

"Very good quality and exactly as sold.Excellent!"

- JM B. (Harlow, U.K.)

"Item was as described, sent quickly and well packaged. Highly Recommended"
- Harvey B. (Sydney, Australia)

"Great and user friendly Software, awesome tool. Great seller.A+++++"

- Jesse J. (Virginia Beach, USA)

"Software arrived and it performed just as advertised!"

- Michael K. (APO, USA)

Roman Coin Identification Software

Coin Identifications made easy

Ever wondered about the history of that Roman coin you‘ve had all these years or trying to identify one or two from your private collection without too much success? Well, ponder no more, as help is at hand with the amazing Roman Coin Identification Software CD by NumismaticSoft. First released back in 2004, this superb product has helped numerous coin collectors to identify their Roman Coins with pinpoint accuracy and lightening speed. Unlike books on the subject that take up too much space and time, this software package will quickly aid your searches and is fun to use. With more than 11.000 coins in the databank and around 7000 different types, you‘re sure to find a match along with features that the coin books don‘t provide.

Roman Coin Identification Software

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Main Features:
No more books - Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on books that take a long time to find a specific coin and state unrealistic values, use the Roman Coin Identification Software to easily find your coin in a matter of seconds, for only a fraction of the cost!
More than 11000 coins - With more than 11000 coins of 7000 different types, you can be almost positive that the one you are searching for is among them. On top of that, the database contains a picture of every single entry!

How you can search:

There are numerous options to find your coin, even with little information:"

Obverse and reverse inscription: Use parts of the coin's inscriptions to find your coin in the database - only a few letters can lead to a match!
Obverse Image: Enter keywords for what you see on the obverse, e.g. if there is a bust looking to the right, enter "bust right" and see how the software shows you all the corresponding coins!
Reverse Image: You can fill in information about the reverse image, for example "eagle" if there is an eagle and the software will show you the results - it's that easy!
Diameter: Specifying the coin diameter can help your search too
Weight: Even the coin's weight can be used in your search and is a useful indication for the coin's denomination.
Exergue: A detail that is often overseen but sometimes very helpful, especially for finding out where the coin was minted.
The best of all is that you can combine any of the parameters mentioned above!
What the software will tell you about your coin:
Information about the ruler: Was this coin struck under the reign of Caesar or Trajan? Does the obverse show the bust of Titus or Valentinian III.? The software will tell you!
Mint date: Is your coin 2000 years old or 'only' 1721 years? The software knows!
Coin type: During the Roman Empire, various coin denominations existed and after a successful search you will know what type you are holding in your hands.
Mint location: Where has your coin been minted? In Rome, Cologne or even London? If this information is available for your coin it will be shown in the results.
Rarity: Is your coin very rare, or just a very common type? The Roman Coin Identification Software will clarify this question.
Value: For most collectors and searchers this is the most important detail. Every single coin in the enormous database comes with a price it was recently sold for on the real market - no unrealistic catalogue prices!
Don't hesitate and get your own copy of this innovative software that has revolutionised the identification of Roman coins, for only 29 now. You can download the software immediately after you purchase and start identifying your coins right away!

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